One badminton class tomorrow and after that imma be sittin' on that bus to Cambodia. 


Back in the big city. 
Yesterday was three months since we first met. Bong somlanh, You make me so happy! 
Going to study hardcore now, I kind of have to. Have midterms coming up. 
Heading back to my man on Friday. Oooh, love being in love with you. 

You know,

I think I belong with you. 

Reasons to smile

Woppie! Probably sitting on the bus to Cambodia when this is published. 
Pretty sure the border officers recognize me by now. 
Today is a good day. 

that's wazup

Tomorrow I'm saying good bye to this:

And Hello to something like this:

Well, only for three days but still. Can't wait to get on that bus! 


Can't wait longer. Fleeing the country once again. Heading back to see this guy in 3 days.
Going to stay busy and then before I know it I'll be sitting at some roadside restaurant
eating fried rice with you sitting next to me. I want to be in your presence all the time. 


Hey, I've got a throat infection. Had to go to the hospital earlier and get some medicine. And now I feel great!  
Here, I wanna show you the view from the roof of my apartment building: 

pretty nice, right? 

this shirt smells like you still

So I've been sitting at this café, watching this old man slipping in and out of sleep for the past two hours. 
Thought he was reading at first, as he had an open book in his lap, but then I realized that it's kinda hard
to read with your eyes closed. He woke up for the fourth time now I think. I love the surprised looks on his
face everytime he opens his eyes, realizing he's been sleeping. Adorable.
I should be studying but I can't seem to start. My heart is trying to convince me that I would concentrate
better if I changed location a bit.  Maybe to Cambodia? Yes, I think that would be a smart move. For my
studies, of course.  But ok, I'mma wait a bit more.

  5 days ago.

12 more

I'd rather be here, with you.



It's strange though. Going from spending practically every minute of the day with somebody,
to only hearing their voice on the other side of the phone. We went out with the motorbike the
night before I left, driving under the starlit sky. It was beautiful. Everything we've done together
has been beautiful. And I wanna do so much more together with you. 
Back in the City of Angels, walking amongst skyscrapers again. Have some studying to do. 

gaylicious, I miss you


It's this day again. Leaving day. Ticket for Bangkok, 2.30 am. My bags are unpacked and God I want to keep them that way.
I can't explain us or what we have, it just feels like it's supposed to be. I love you. Went motorbiking all day today and yesterday.
Everywhere. To beaches, mountains, temples, friends. I love sitting on the back, holding my arms around you while you drive.
I can feel your warm skin against mine now, but tomorrow I wont be able to. The bus will be here in a few hours.
Then I know you'll hold me and I'll hold you. I just wish we didn't have to let go. 


Susdai bong somlanh

I don't want to leave this. Us. 
Should be heading back to Thailand on Wednesday.

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