Sleepover at Bee finally. And Asiatique, japanese foods and traffic jams.
Love you, and your jai dee family! 
11 days left. 


Final exams starting tomorrow. Less than two weeks til christmas break.
Wish I knew what's going on..

let's go to the amusement park

@60 Road, Siem Reap 
Cambodia. 18 days
I miss you so much.



Arrived in Bangkok today. Got delayed or something like that.
Stayed two more days in Cambodia. Had the best time ever.
Sneeking into temples, getting chased by crazy girl, playing pool, partying all night,  
wandering streets at night, watching sunsets from rooftops and mountains, 
driving and being driven by bicycle. Definitely going back in three weeks. 

Crazy, amazing, wonderful youth. 

i walk slow

Looking forward to see BKK tomorrow night.


Here's something to think about

What is the most frightening thing:
The fact that thousands of people starve everyday
or the fact that people think it's acceptable?

I do believe I am right when I say that most people just don't care as long as their own ass is safe.
Or they care, but they do not take action. Which to me is just as careless. If you disagree with me,
maybe you should think again. There is enough food in the world to feed all humans, and still hundreds
of millions of people go hungry ever day. Incredible numbers. Hundreds of millions.    
How can this in any way be acceptabe? How can we stand by and watch this happen? 
The world is fucked up. No, I change my mind, the world's mentality is fucked up.
It could be so beautiful if we wanted it to be. There is an overlying selfishness that makes me sick.

We have to make changes. Stop focusing on trivial matters. 
FUCK the modern economic system. FUCK mainstream thinking. 
People won't get less hungry because you pity them. 

khun bpen koon lorh

Chilling at Blue Pumpkin while studying Thai, planning to take the bike to Angkor Wat in the sunset. 
Two days left here. But might be going again back after final exams.
Spent the evening at HipHop yesterday. I miss living here.



Cambodia doesn't hold back un surprises. 

amazing Angkor

At the same time as my classmates in Bkk were having a quiz in financial accounting,  
I was busy climbing hundreds of years old temple ruins in Siem Reap.
Hehe, excuse me for having the biggest grin on my face right now. 


Met Monora and Rida yesterday! Three on one motorbike, all day. 
West Baray, Angkor Wat, amusement park at 60 Road. Honestly, feels like I never left.
And people still remember me from the tv comercial I took part in when I was teaching for USA
international school. Funny. Going to rent a bicycle now and drive around.


(pjuu trodde jag skulle glömma detta också)

Eftersom jag så brutalt glömde säga grattis på födelsedagen förra månaden
så säger jag GRAAAAAAAAATTIS PÅ FARS DAG! nu, till dig pappa. Och till morfar såklart!
Och till alla andra pappor out there.

In Siem Reap now, having a late brunch at Blue Pumpkin. 
Oh Cambodia is wonderful!  Haven't made a plan. Just doing whatever I feel like doing.
Going to visit Angkor Wat again. Rent bicycles and drive along the streets. Meet friends!
Maybe visit the school where I used to teach. Eat the best fried rice in the world. And lots more.
Have nine days to spend here before I head back to Bangkok.  :)

Bayon, Siem Reap 2011

vamos a Cambodia

06.15 am I'll be on the bus to Cambooooooodia.
See you again on Khmer grounds.
Mucho gusto! 

Red sky

55th floor, rooftop bar and lime juice.
Walla. Cambodia in three days.


smells like weed

Vintage sunday with Paula. I'm now the owner of the freshest backpack in Bkk. fo sho
I like how this city sometimes makes me feel small and insignificant.
Am heading over to Cambodia next week, staying 10 days or so.
Lord I have been waiting for this!

green stuff

Thursday. Psychology. Learn more thai. Get coffe from somewhere. 
Sleep. wow what a great plan.
I still love the view from my windows.  x's and o's lovers

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