Guess who's coming here tomorrow? 
Going to sleep so well tonight.


Feeling this lazy right now:

Wanna be here. Here here here!!
Ok thats it, no more self-pity. Going to finish the book analysis and revise for final exams. 

round and around

Hoping everything runs smoothly over in Cambodia. Want to see you here asap. 
Need to start revising for finals now.


lucky you

No busses running today apparently, leaving tonight instead. 

boom from the past week

Longing for the day I own a proper camera again. But until that day I'm quite happy shooting with my phone.
Pics from Siem Reap, Domdeak and Phnom Penh.



found my brother in a pack of crackers :)


Wandering the streets of Phnom Penh



We are in Phnom Penh. Need to take care of paper work. 



Been living on the Cambodian countryside for a couple of days, aka no wifi. 
The locals greeted me with smiles, and stared at me (a lot). Met my man's mother for the first time, a very
sweet lady. Been eating delicious khmer food, celebrating some holiday at the pagoda, walking, motorbiking, 
sweating, laughing, walking on ricefilelds etc. Peaceful days. 


Just let me get on the bus alreeeeeeady. Want the clock to be 6 am.
Packing done. Long trip ahead tomoroow. Night night!


In less than 48 hours I'm gonna feel a little bit more complete. 
We've got something special and I think we would be fools if we didn't make this last.

3 good things: body wonderfully sore from exercising, not eaten sugar all day, finally did my laundry
(did also manage to discolor my top, but lets just forget about that)


Holla, I'm extremely tired after doing a cardio workout so I'mma make a pit stop in the world of dreams for a
while. Sleep tight!

three good things

Only four days left to the next border crossing! I have to admit I kinda love these countdowns, because each day
brings me a little closer to the one I love. Three more days of university, half of a book to finish reading, a few
rounds to the gym and then I'm good to go. 
By the way, I just finished reading this book "Bounce" (reccommend it!) and it contains alot of exercises one
can do to improve resilience and change ways of thinking. Anywho, one exercise was to everyday write
down/contemplate on three good things that had happened during the day. It's a smart and easy way to start
appreciating and be thankful for the small things in life. So today I'll share my three things with you:
1. Talked to my man (for 2 minutes but it was gooood)
2. Gave my body a nice workout
3. Am having a hilarious fb-chat with my sis
Pictures below taken one month ago in Anlong Veng, Cambodia. There was a fire in the forest below us and the
smoke was merciless, hence the pettish faces. Haha


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