but only for you

I want to wake you up at 3 am, drag you out of bed and lead you out into the dark night. I'll seat you in a boat
that I'll row out into the centre of the lake, then we'll sit closely entangled watching the sun rise as the waves
gently sway underneath us.

creating butterflies

Nightshift at work. Finishing in about three hours. Then I'll rush home and gently crawl into my bed,
letting my body rest next to yours for a couple of hours. I feel so lucky every day I get to spend with you.


Already been three weeks since we came to la familia in
Sweden. Wonderful being home! Both of us do miss
Cambodia at times though. Sweden is quiet, really quiet.
Cambodia is not. Roughly two months until the return.
We've been swimming, canoeing, skiing, stream stepping, 
running in forests, looking at cows, baking, cooking  etc.

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