Monday, I realized I kind of like taking photos. Love it actually.
Got my act together and started studying Thai again. Yes sir
This amulet I got two years ago when Fanny and I were living in temples. That was amazing


Sunday, spent the evening/night over at the Rot Fai market.
If it was possible to marry a place I would marry that night market. fo real
Love it.  Bought some hot stuff, all vintage & second hand.   


Saturday, admiring ancient stuff, cruising along the river
getting stuck in traffic jams, eating japanese foods


wroom wroom to school

Just finished management class, cultural studies up next. 
Silent Hill tonight. Love watching scary movies at the cinema because I get so invovled in the scary parts.
 And then when I get frightened I luckily manage to suppress screaming but I end up jumping back in my seat 
..and everyone laughs at me. But it's ok, gotta love making people laugh. 


Wednesday, smoke, lights and darkness.
and i really wanna get a new tattoo. 
here, meet my sexy photos from today:



Major break through in my life yesterday:
Finally managed to take pictures with the webcam, Halleluja!

...eeh ja. Puss och kram!


More pics from last sunday at Koh Sichang.

I forgot to mention that we met two tourists on the island, well it's not like we didn't meet other people aswell,
but the thing is, one of these guys decided to strip naked on the beach in front of the king's palace.
(unfortunately for you I did not capture it on camera) 
Although he had a nice white ass, I think he should have reconsidered his choice of location just a little bit.
And in the eyes of a thai person he should probably have reconsidered it a whole lot.
Oh adorable clueless tourists. 

en skiva skymning

Many taxi drivers here tell me I speak thai very well.
I find that funny, because most of the time I'm only guessing what they are asking me,
and then I reply with two-word sentences. But they are boosting my confidence so I don't mind at all.

Going out somewhere, to do something now, 
just haven't figured out where and what yet.
Weekend until wednesday. And here a slice of Bangkok Twilight:

Koh Sichang

Explored the Sichang island today with Piano. 
Woke up at 5 am, took a van to Siracha and then a boat to the island.
Walked around, payed respect in temples, saw one of the king's palaces, ate seafood, chilled by the beach. 
Great day!

It's crazy that I almost forgot how much I love being out in the nature.

Sitting on my bed in Bkk now, watching lit up skyscrapers outside the window. 


Went with Pat and her mum to Ayutthaya today.
Lunch at the floating market, delicious and nice chilled atmosphere. 


hey ho, crashing at Pat's house again.

woke up this morning feeling like a stranded cat (never heard of those?)
watched thai tv, skipped psychology class
soaked up some fumes from vehicles over at Siam square
ate a chicken wrap from KFC and then some extremely spicy fishsnacks
and now I'm sitting here writing this post
That was thursday.


Bkk eve

Running out of words

water and jam

It's raining today. Heavy
Will swim to the skytrain and glide to Siam soon.
I think I aced the exam today. Do you hear that teacher?
Expecting nothing less than an A on the result, tjiiiiing 
Cheezes, It's raining even heavier now. Maybe I should buy a boat.
Rowing my way to school, that would be soo cool!


Sorry I've been busy doing nothing.
One more exam to go. Yes I really thought this would be harder. 
Have this infection creeping inside my throat but it never breaks out. I think it's playing peek a boo.
Where did my inspiration go? Need some more adrenaline in my blood. 


Ah. Orphan is a freaking scary movie :( And I love it.
Shabushi buffe
Won't need to eat for a couple of days now. Very nice
Two midterms left. This far it's been incredibly easy.



I told you we drewl over hot cars. 
Don't even need boys anymore,
Audi R8
. Sexyness overload.
I love living in Bangkok. 



Hurry hurry to skytrain. Gonna by some bubble tea at Mo chit.
Patty I'm coming for you!  
And here, just beacuse I have golden hair today:


Hello world, I am fcking on fire today yah. 
No see, I feel like shit actually. Feel like a shitty, stubborn, selfish grinch. 
You know the "don't F%c&!¤ mess with me" kind of feeling?  I think someone injected it in my veins today.
I hate complaining, and I don't want pity. But this is just S-H-I-T
I wanna stay outside the whole night photographing, being blinded by cars and neon lights.
See you another day. Will drown my brain in M.I.A's music. Puss

If someone's going drifting on some desert road tonight, give me a holler.



First midterm exam finished. Five more to go.
Sleep over at Pat's house, 3rd day in a row. We spend our time drewling over sexy cars,
watching The OC and revising the functions of the neurotransmitters, kinda.
Tomorrow I'll be reading at least 100 pages of management. Lucky me! 
Ciao bello!   Love this photo: 

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