I love graffiti. 

we were born free

Confessions of a sunday.
No, I can't sign a 1 year lease to an apartment, not at this stage.
Guess I have a built in fear of attaching to things. 
Let's put it like this: If most peoples minds are like a river, flowing gently in one direction, 
then I would describe mine as an ocean.  Incredibly big, it wanders out to thousands of different shores.
Always heading in some direction, not really knowing where to lay its focus.

I despise the feeling of not being free. Feeling held back by people or things.
Feeling more like a possession than the one that posesses. 
Being born into this world doesn't always mean we are entitled to many things.
But freedom is one of the few things most of us will actually recieve the moment we are born. 
I guess it's the fear of loosing that entitlement that makes me unwilling to have things clenched on to me. 

Time to head out now. 
Should be moving tomorrow.

say hi to Bangkok

Plenty to choose from. Just can't make up my little mind about where to stay.
The only bad thing I can mention about being here right now is that I have a tendency of forgetting to eat, 
luckily for me there's food available pretty much everywhere.
Well, that and the guy that followed me around MBK today. Heh stalker mucho?   -Yes sir, I believe so! 
Everything just seems better than I expected. And my expectations weren't low. 
Yeah, wonder how long this infatuation process is going to last?  


Arranged the medical certificate earlier. Wippie, I'm all healthy! 
Looked at some apartments, chilled in the Chatuchak park. Am skyping/chatting/eating grilled chicken now. 
Multi tasker over here yao! 
I'm so happy to be here. Find myself walking around smiling all the time. 
Hej Lisa! Hoppas dina spetstrosor blir klara snart så du kan skaka rumpan för alla bönder i Torsby.

downpour eller skyfall /men jag föredrar nog gravydrop

Someone asked for rain today. And my tongue obviously asked for a nice little burn,
otherwise I wouldn't have eaten red curry for lunch. 
When it stops dripping I'll be heading out again to check some apartments.  
Then I'll do some yoga, and later I'll be gliding around town with the skytrain. 

-If you saw saw someone looking like this today, you prooooobably saw me.  
Tack för kepsen Jonas!


back it up

Alright, I was just offered a job at the school in Cambodia where I worked last year. 
So if things screw up in BKK, I know where I'll be heading. 
Yes, consider it my backup plan :] hehe



I thiiiink I registrated myself at the university today. Yeah I probably did. Campus looked really nice.
Looking forward to the introduction days. But even more I'm looking forward to moving into a condo/apartment.  
Really be able to unpack and settle in somewhere for a longer time. Got a few to check online now. 
So the weather is nice. Not to hot, but extremely sweaty still, haha! 
Went to some shopping centres, ate street food etc etc. 
Love being here.

I was going to upload a picture of myself eating seaweed here, but the webcam doesn't want to work
so I'll give u a very boring city pic instead :] 



Butterflies in my stomach. Oh oh oh, I like this! 
Have been strolling around town, eaten some japanese food, been to the cinema, fixed Thai SIM card.
And of course I had to buy a Lactasoy Less Sugar from 7-eleven. Used to be our staple food at Wat Songphinong.
Tomorrow I'll be apartment hunting I guess, gonna check were the university is located also.
Sweet sweet life.
Enjoying every humid breath


game on

I'm in BANGKOK!!! 

yeah I'm a bit tired, gonna sleep a few hours. i think it's around 8 am here now. 
was smiling like a fool the entire taxi ride from the airport. 
Wait, OMG. Yup I am really here. Don't wake me up

look what I found as I was unpacking my suitcase: 

Älskar dig Alma. 

what's hoppening, hot stuff?

Ok, here goes my introduction:
I am Johanna, 19 years old going on 20, grew up in a small city named Torsby, Sweden.
Right now, as this post is published, I am heading over to Asia to start my undergraduate studies.
I'll be studying entrepreneurship at BUIC (Bangkok university international college) in Thailand.
The study is 3,5 years and I'll be living in Bangkok during that time. But hey, no worries!
Most likely I'll be heading back to my homeland during the summer holidays to reconnect with my roots.
Studying in a foreign country has been a dream of mine for a while now, and the reason I'm blogging
about this is to maintain some sort of contact with my family and friends, but also to let all of you other people
who find this blog be inspired to chase your dreams.
Don't be afraid to follow your heart (as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else)!

I will start off by writing in english to let all of my non-swedish friends know what's up. Hehe, hope I don't make
too many grammar mistakes. 
If you find my posts to be gibberish, well then I guess there's no need for you to stay here. Just saying!
Ok, not going to make this introduction any longer now.
If interested, stay tuned! :]
Watch my pictures, read my words and hear my thoughts.


last day on Swedish grounds. eller den Sista måltiden

"den sista måltiden". Mycket hoppingivande uttalande mamma. 
Tack Jonas <3
Take off tomorrow @ 2.30 pm
Käkar blodpudding och lingsonsylt till frulle imorn. you know, just cause. 


and then I colored my eyebrows (half albino no more),
said some farewells. cried. laughed. 
now I have some bags to pack. 


Följ min blogg med Bloglovin


Chillar med Faniii!

borde packa packa packa imorgon. sy lite.
kanotpaddlingen känns jävligt viktigt nuförtiden.
Ingen resfeber. än.


Cyklar till papi om en timme. Sover några timmar. Fotograferar, paddlar kanot, går en promenad, 
simmar. Provade yoga nyss, ska nog fortsätta med det.
5 DAYS. Tjena.

saknar detta lite:
<3 Cambodia


jag tror att naturen kan läka trasiga själar

Fattar inte.
Om mindre än en vecka kommer mina fötter vila på thailändsk mark.
Mina lungor kommer fyllas med fuktig, het luft. Min ljusa hy kommer stekas av solen. 
Mina smaklökar kommer kittlas av nya, okända smaker. 
Min hjärna kommer registrera ett språk jag inte kan tala. Mina ögon kommer se skrift jag inte kan läsa.
Förväntansfull, nervös, orolig, lättad, glad, upprymd, ångerfull, spänd. 


hej igen

Jag och Fanny have done some stream stepping. ni kan kalla oss inventors.
kanotat och kajakat. promenerat. skummat. Mitt barndomshem är vackert.
dags att boka lite hotell. visualiserar 4-stjärnigt.

mitt liv som ögonbrynslös


Såhär kan det alltså se ut när man paddlar kanot, eller kajak som jag bekvämligt valde idag, i solnedgången. 

och sen kan man hitta ett skum-bubbelparadis, då kan det se ut såhär:


Tycker nog jag lyckas ganska bra med min kattimitation idag.
Ledig tills på lördag Halleluja! Beger mig till Rinn imorgonbitti.
Planerar in en kanottur i solnedgången.


captain choco

I brist på andra bilder tycker jag vi kör lite produktplacering här

bada-bapa-pa... I'm lovin it!
eller vilken melodi det nu är.



fan, 2 veckor kvar.  NU ÄR JAG NERVÖS. PÅ RIKTGT.
Saker jag vill göra innan jag åker: 

-köpa en ny dator
-städa huset hos pappa
-vara mycket i naturen i Rinn
-umgås mycket med vänner & familj
-glida runt på cykeln
-äta god svensk mat
-chilla vid sommarstugan
-köpa nya skor från Sole Rebels & Toms
-baka cupcakes. fika
-paddla kanot
-bada i sjön. fiska. ha filmkvälll.
-få en dusch av regnet
-langa musik till i-poden
-mysa. skratta. gråta. drömma
 Hej Thailand


Vill hem och träna träna träna tills mjölksyran äter upp ben- och armmusklerna. Längtar
Sen åka och köpa massa fett och socker och proppa igen mina blodkärl med. Ganska lockande!
2 timmar. 
Vill leka


Det spöregnar. Vill springa ut och fånga upp alla regndroppar.
Blunda och känna droppe efter droppe rinna ner för huden. 

But I'm at work, sooo no can do Mister.
Vann 2000 kr på bilbingo för två dagar sedan. Nybörjartur. Mycket välkommet i plånkan.
Lönar sig att va kompis med Fanny och Frida, på många sätt. 
Måste åka till Rinn sen, saknar mitt hem.


hej livet

energin idag är oslagbar! Är speedad, på ett bra sätt. Vill alltid känna såhär.
99% av tiden iaf. JA
Lite från Vätö:



Vätö är ganska underbart :)
flyg bokat. 23 juli.  hämtar mitt visum imorgon.
oooh my gooosh, 3 veckor kvar! 



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