Miss when you sing for me. Everything about you I miss. Six days more.
I can endure that. 

city lights

Am not sick anymore, which means: gym time, HALLELUJAH! I finally get to exercise again.
Also need to finish reading two books for english class, this week preferably.


Can't wait for Thai/Khmer/Lao new year to come, because then I'll be next to you. Roughly two weeks left.
The days seem to move on so slowly. It's only been one week since I left Cambodia, yet the timespan from
when I kissed you goodbye up until now feels endless.
I probably would have gone back sooner but my passport has only one empty page left. It's good though, to
be more or less stuck here. Gives me time to focus on studying. 



I'm going to sleep. Just fyi.

sweaty and tired outside Bangkok art&culture centre earlier today

lie close to me

Patience. I'm kinda obligated to practice it. A lot. 
These 10 minute phone calls with you highlight my days. 
Going nightmarket shopping tomorrow, need new clothes!

all I really want right now is to feel your arms enfold me

These past four months have been amazing. Beautiful. 
I think about midnight walks under starlit skies, when we hitchhiked on the back of a truck as the fullmon
glanced down on our resting bodies, hiking up mountains, motorbiking, looking down on landscapes, rock
climbing in waterfalls, you teaching me to play pool like a pro, bike racing, sneeking into temples, declarations
of love, confessions of fear, countless border crossings, staying up all night, hearing your heartbeat while
resting on your chest, tears of joy, tears of pain, obligations, dreaming, freedom.
It doesn't matter where we are, because you make everywhere feel right. 

 I really miss you tonight. 

it flows

I don't know how long I'm staying in Bangkok this time. Just realised I haven't stayed here for more than 14
consecutive days since November-December. Before moving here I expected that I would be traveling, not
quite this frequently though. But I like this; the constant voyaging. I love it. 
I enjoy the 10 hour bus rides. I get this painfully delighting feeling the numerous of times my arms are soar from
carrying heavy bags. I like unpacking those same bags, greeting dirty laundry and worn out shoes, because it
means I have been somewhere, but more importantly it makes me realize that I've got so much more places to



Postponed my return to Thailand two times. Couldn't bear the thought of leaving, but now here I am,
breathing BKK fumes again. Left you only 16 hours ago. Want to go back right now. 


Tomorrow is going to be one of those extremely good days because I'm going to see you.
Bye bye Bangkok! See you again next week. 



Halleluja, the last midterm is over and gone!  And in two months(+one day) the last final is gonna be finished
too. Pretty nice yaaah. Had a class for about... 15 minutes this morning, after that I got back home and
boredom struck me. Sooo I took some photos. It started out nicely. 

I've named this third one 'Happy sunshine' I think it suits. And the forth one,
well, let's just label it as normal.  
Yeah ok.  Hasta luego! 


I know I'll be in the comfort of his embrace soon again, but right now I miss his presence so much
that it's almost painful. No not even almost. It is painful.
I'm feeling great still though. Being alive is freaking amazing. Just wanna get this last exam over
with already. Aight, back to revising again. 


uno mas

Only one midterm left, managerial accounting. Revising like a boss over here.
Met up with Piano earlier for a nice big lunch at Moulin restaurant, in Siam Discovery. Very nice place! 
Less than 3 months left until I'm going to Sweden again. Looking forward to it so much! 


Sorry for the absence. I was busy hitchhiking, driving up mountains, making crazy dance videos,
visiting relatives, playing pool, eating steamed rice with pork, travelling, laughing. With my man.
I'm in BKK again since thursday, doing midterm exams. Probably not staying here too long though. 

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