mouthwatering evening in Chinatown

Went to Chinatown here in Bangkok last friday with some good friends of mine. We ate the most delicious
seafood from a roadside restarurant on Yaowarat road. Fried squid, crab curry, seaweed soup, chinese broccoli
in garlic sauce, marinated prawns etc. It was exquisite! 


reading this and thinking about us made me cry

"This morning,
with her,
having coffee"

- Johnny Cash when asked for his descpription of paradise.

wroom wroom

Will be walking on Khmer soil tomorrow. Longing to play snooker and pool, sitting on a red plastic chair eating
streetfood, exploring the countryside, relaxing with a drink at some lonesome place along a dirt road.
Also longing for the day I own a kitchen. Imagine the greatness I could create! Oh lord


the ability to be great

I think it's important to remind ourselves about what we value in life. To bear in mind what kind of people we truly
look up to and strive to gain those specific qualities aswell. To trace the things that bring us true unconditioned
joy. I believe alot of people get so caught up in fitting into a certain mold, or fitting in with the "right" kind of
people, that they neglect parts of their true persona. 
I admire people who: 
-smile genuinly
-love fearlessly
-care about others
-stand up for injustice
-stand up for themselves
-work hard to fulfill their dreams
-reach beyond what's considered normal
-strive to perfect their inner beauty
-value happiness more than money
-care about the environment
-do things their own way

all about us


Time to bring this blog back to life. I can feel it. 
Starting with some pictures from the past three months of Cambodia and Thai life.
Left hand side Cambodia. Right hand side Thailand.

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