we were born free

Confessions of a sunday.
No, I can't sign a 1 year lease to an apartment, not at this stage.
Guess I have a built in fear of attaching to things. 
Let's put it like this: If most peoples minds are like a river, flowing gently in one direction, 
then I would describe mine as an ocean.  Incredibly big, it wanders out to thousands of different shores.
Always heading in some direction, not really knowing where to lay its focus.

I despise the feeling of not being free. Feeling held back by people or things.
Feeling more like a possession than the one that posesses. 
Being born into this world doesn't always mean we are entitled to many things.
But freedom is one of the few things most of us will actually recieve the moment we are born. 
I guess it's the fear of loosing that entitlement that makes me unwilling to have things clenched on to me. 

Time to head out now. 
Should be moving tomorrow.

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Och det som vi först blir berövade?

Svar: du menar friheten?Ja, sant. Men om man inser att friheten är det första vi äger, har man väl chansen att ta den tillbaka?

2012-07-30 @ 18:17:18


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