young reckless love

How good it felt to be with someone other than you. To cuddle up against that varm body and let my fingers linger along his naked tattooed skin. Kiss his forehead, his neck, his soft lips. Feeling his muscular arms wrap around my waist. The best thing: when I glanced into his dark playful eyes, I didn't think of you once. 
I don't expect this to lead somewhere, it was just nice to be with someone that's not you. Two nights of temporary distraction. He's off to France in a few hours. Just kissed me goodbye this morning. And I'm still here. Free and confident.
Just looked at the date and realised that tomorrow would have been our two year anniversary. It's sad because I used to imagine growing old with you. I can't see that now, no matter how much I put my mind to it all I see is a blurred picture. All the bullshit things you did made it so much easier to move on. All those times you tried to bring me down made me stronger. You're the one who's hurting now. And you deserve it. Cry all you want. It's been over for a long time already. 

10th day of singlehood. 


Postat av: Tess

Åhhh J är du ok??! Jag finns här och vi måste btw ses snart dnart!!

Svar: Tack :) jag är ok, känns bättre såhär faktiskt. Det var inte bra alls mellan mig och honom den sista tiden.. Ja det måste vi! Jag kommer nästa månad till Bkk innan jag flyger till Sverige den 15e :]

2014-11-21 @ 18:04:26


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