there's beauty in everything

How amazing it would be to just hold you now. Touch your skin. Look into your eyes and tell you that I love you.
To be overwhelmed by the extreme happiness that embraces me each time I see you after we've spent time apart. 
I want to be free with you. I want to explore the world with you. I want to spend every waking breath with you. 
It's comforting knowing that each day that passes brings us closer together. Still every hour we spend apart lasts
longer and longer. It's as if our dimension of time moves in slow motion whenever you are not with me. I can feel
every second because they are seconds spent away from you. Three days was all it took to fall completely for you,
and now it's been you and me for over 15 months. We are so lucky, despite the distance, because we have found
each other. It's frustratingly hard, but at the same time so beautiful, missing someone this much. 



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