the things that would never have been

To think that 10 minutes, an insignificant amount of time compared to the time we have in a lifetime,
were the most significant minutes of your life. Those 10 minutes could have meant the end of your enitre
existence. I still can't wrap my mind around that. This beautiful seed we have planted together that we
keep nurturing and growing could have been yanked right out and we would never have been able to see it
blossom. Our oasis could have turned into a desert in only a matter of minutes. All the things we haven't yet
seen, the things that haven't yet been. Things I want to share with no one other than you.

We fight, lose our temper, scream and say things that we regret but I still treasure each and every moment I get
to spend with you. Eternally thankful for doctors, medicine and your mothers instinct. 

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