Here's something to think about

What is the most frightening thing:
The fact that thousands of people starve everyday
or the fact that people think it's acceptable?

I do believe I am right when I say that most people just don't care as long as their own ass is safe.
Or they care, but they do not take action. Which to me is just as careless. If you disagree with me,
maybe you should think again. There is enough food in the world to feed all humans, and still hundreds
of millions of people go hungry ever day. Incredible numbers. Hundreds of millions.    
How can this in any way be acceptabe? How can we stand by and watch this happen? 
The world is fucked up. No, I change my mind, the world's mentality is fucked up.
It could be so beautiful if we wanted it to be. There is an overlying selfishness that makes me sick.

We have to make changes. Stop focusing on trivial matters. 
FUCK the modern economic system. FUCK mainstream thinking. 
People won't get less hungry because you pity them. 

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Very good.Thank you very much

2012-11-18 @ 12:35:10


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