rao poot thai dai ka

Finally met Bee again in school. I've missed you maak maak na!
I am currently studying thai online. Pronounciation is hard. VERY VERY HARD.
Something is wrong with the internet connection in my room. The days when I could chill in bed
with high connectivity are long gone. Have to sit at the kitchen table now, so harsh.
Oh mr Evillover, this was strike two. Don't bother come crawling back if you miss out one more time.
Must admit I would miss cruising around in your car though. 
Honestly, I think there will be some partying going down this week too.


Postat av: Tess

Åhh håller med dig!! Uttalet är as svårt!! Man vill ju inte uttala fel så det betyder något annat lixom >.<

Svar: hahaha precis! orden kan ju betyda 5 olika saker beroende på hur man uttalar.aaah crazzzy, måste ha tålamod, haha

2012-08-23 @ 12:46:01
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