life is small, living is large

Unselfish acts, friendship, good deeds, seeing and reflecting about more than what's put in front of ones nose, 
I truly believe combining those things add meaning and understanding to our lives. 

If I could only make one wish for My future it would be that I wish to be happy. I want to be able to smile everyday
just for the simple pleasure of being alive. Not because I have a million dollar company, a walk in closet, jewelry, 
a fancy car, good looks or access to 5-star dining. I want to be able to see the people around me and feel the ground underneath my feet.
Money can't buy happiness. I never want to suppress those four words, honestly. I never want to be a materialistic
individual that lead a meaningless life in order to feed the wallet, instead of feeding the soul. 

Living in Cambodia, sharing a room with two other people and a bathroom with another five, working for no salary, 
having no computer nor tv, sweating as I drove the old bicycle to work while being covered in dust from the dirt roads, 
living out of my suitcase, I was happy then.  

Please do reflect.


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Svar: Thank yoooou sötnos! :)

2012-09-08 @ 12:59:02


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