I will treat you like a princess.. tonight

My heart wouldn't have turned into ice if you'd just left out that last word.

Would have loved to post pictures of the last day here but I didn’t bring my camera.
Try picturing this:
Normal morning in school, sitting next to an unfamiliar face in class, going with her and a couple of other new faces
for Japanese food, skipping class, a black BMW, heavy traffic jams, being invited to a birthday party at Waterside,
gift hunting, driving to some resort, eating Thai seafood, cakes and baked sweets, celebrating, drinking and singing
karaoke for the b-day boy, heading home but ending up at a sweaty after party at Khaosan with another 4 new faces,
vodka buckets, dancing like crazy in the flickering disco lights, eating jok on the street just before the sunrise,
4 of us falling asleep  in the same bed and one on the floor right beside at 6 am. Don’t forget the hot guy from
Dubai and the even hotter Thai gay guys.
So that was Tuesday.



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