you've got me

I try not to think about your soft tanned skin, the sidecut in your dark hair, the way your arm muscle flexes when
you play pool, the way the diamond on your tooth glistens when you smile, how you flinch when I kiss your neck,
the softness of your lips, the spark in your eyes, how easily you get frightened, how you wrapped your arms around
me like you were never letting go, the gash in your left eyebrow or the way we'd stand on rooftoops screaming
things out into the night.

I try not to think about it because it hurts too much to know that I can't open my eyes right now and look into your
brown ones. I know that even if I stretch my hand as far as I can I won't feel your presence. 14 days left.
I want to hold you so bad.




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